International Missions

International Missions

Christian Life Church has a passion for missions, both global and local. We believe that Jesus’ commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all I have commanded” is a direct order to His church. Therefore we seek to make disciples of all nations, as Jesus commanded. Below you will find our top three missions works, but we do support many other groups and people as well as the three below. Join us for a “Missions Sunday” once a trimester to learn more about our heart for missions.


The Christian Life in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a majority Muslim country, with between 70-85 percent of its population following Islam. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed by Sierra Leone’s constitution and is generally followed, allowing Christians and Muslims to live side by side mostly in peace. The nation is still recovering from decades of violence and civil war, and there is still threats to the peace both within the government (corruption) and without (terrorism) as groups fight to control the nations diamond minds. Poverty also plagues much of the nation. Therefore the life of Christians in Sierra Leone is one truly dependent on the provision and protection of Christ.

How We Are Helping Make Disciples
The Congregation of KLPMI
The congregation of KLPMI

Christian Life Church supports Kingdom Life Prayer Ministry International, a church our very own Pastor Moses helped plant and pastor. We financially support their pastors, Pastor Henry and Pastor Patrick, and in 2018 Christian Life Church raised the funds to build them their very own church building so that they could worship freely, and no longer be restricted to public meeting places.

Prayer Points for Sierra Leone
  • That Christ would be effectively brought to the Muslims of Sierra Leone
  • Provision and protection from ongoing violence
  • Government accountability and responsibility
  • National Stability


The Christian Life in NIGERIA

Christians in Nigeria are no strangers to persecution. Violent attacks by Boko Haram and Fulani Islamic militants have affected families and churches, leaving many Christians without spouses, parents and homes. But faithful believers continue to follow and serve Christ in Nigeria. As the attacks on Christians in Nigeria intensifies, so does God’s response to the attacks. God responds, as He always does for the persecuted church, by protecting and growing His church there.


Christian Life Church supports a ministry called “Equipping the persecuted” which is run out of Sioux City, Iowa. Equipping the persecuted goes into villages and towns that have been attacked by Muslim extremists and they help take care of children whose parents were martyred. They help rebuild the churches in these devastated communities, supply Bibles to Christians after the extremists burn their old ones, provide security training and equipment, and much more. They are truly taking care of the widows and orphans.

You can find out more information about Equipping the Persecuted by checking out their website:

  • That Christ would be preached to the Muslim extremists of Nigeria
  • That the extremists persecuting the church would repent and believe
  • That the Nigerian government would be more effective (and less corrupt) when dealing with Islamic extremism
  • That the church would remain strong and comforted
  • That the leaders of Equipping the Persecuted would be protected and given divine wisdom on how to best help and protect the persecuted church in Nigeria.


The Christian Life in Japan

Japan is a beautiful, free, and wealthy nation. A nation that celebrates freedom of speech and religion as protected by their own constitution. As such many missionaries have traveled to Japan to bring the Gospel to the Japanese people. Even with the presence of missionaries since the conclusion of World War Two, the Japanese people still reject Christ. Less than 1.5% of Japanese people claim any type of Christian belief or affiliation. Japan is thus considered by most mission organizations as “unreached”.

Sopporo, Japan

In early 2023, Christian Life Church (along with other sister churches across North America) sent a team of long-term missionaries to Sapporo, Japan. The team is actively working to make disciples and start a church plant. Every month, our missionaries report back with news of new salvations and disciples. The work is hard and slow-growing, but it is starting to bear fruit. We believe that a solid, Christ-glorifying church plant will emerge and be a blessing to Christ, His Kingdom, and the people of Sapporo for years to come. We pray this plant will remain until Christ returns and that it will always bear eternal fruit.

  • A softening of the heart of the Japanese people
  • Gospel minded and effective missionaries to be sent there
  • That Christian Life Church’s efforts to raise up and send a church planting team will go smoothly and that the team will be effective.